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 Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us



갈등 - 일상

주어진 시간에
얼렁뚱땅 겉핥기로 분량을 넘길 것 인가
하나라도 제대로 알고 넘어갈 것 인가

쿨하게 제대로 보기를 택함
하지만 갈등하는 자체가 쿨하지 않은 것이 함정

아 그리고 titan xp 를 거세게 돌려야 할 상황 도래;

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Interview with Jerome Friedman - 생각

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One of the nice things about being old and having grand
students, and great grand students, and everything else
is, that you can not only take pride in your own
accomplishments, but you can take pride in the
accomplishments of those that you may have influenced.
And so I'm really proud of you guys.
Well, we feel like the grand students when we talk to our
professors like Jerry and Brad.
The thing that makes me feel old is that I've got grand
students of my own now.
Well, you can take pride in all of them.

So Jerry, you've retired.
You retired about two years ago, but I don't think there's
been a day when I haven't seen you in the office.
Well, I'm not here every day, but I'm here
a lot of the time.
I'm retired like Leo Breiman was retired, and for a long
time, Charles Stein was retired.
He came in every day for a long, long time.
And Leo, many of his best accomplishments were after he
retired, research accomplishments.
But it seems you still feel excited by the field.
Oh, yeah.
There's more to do, definitely more to do.
And of course, very gratified that something that I was
intellectually interested in for all this time has now
become very popular and very important.
I mean, data has risen to the top.

My only regret is two of my mentors who also pushed it
probably harder and more effectively than I did,
namely, John Tukey and Leo Breiman, are not around to
actually see how data has triumphed over,
say, theorem proving.

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git 연습 - 컴퓨터

2 년전 수업에 숙제로 만들어본 hinton 교수님의 family tree 논문(

내용수정 하나도 없이 그냥 git 에 올리기만 하는데 그림이 get message 면 안먹혀서 오래걸림

익숙해져야 seamless 가능한데..

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